Reyna | 18
I love making gifs.
Want me to do a particular scene of a movie/tv show? Just send me a message and I'll post it up for you :)
dia-del-muerto asked, "hey i really like your url, and it's kind of a weird thing to ask for, but could i have it. I'm laughing as i type this cause it's such an odd thing to ask, but if you did i'd be sooo happy xoxox"

oooo i’m sorry but i like it too!! maybe if i can find a better one that i’m into then i’ll contact you :D

9.26.2014 6:03 PM

who else is really excited for the power rangers movie in 2016?!

Anonymous asked, "could you make a gif set of: lee pace+biceps pleeaasee"

Sure anon!

8.8.2014 2:14 PM

i gotta say jimmy fallon is a very creative man

lol derek

this is for my dad :)

"what" he says